Live Dream

Live Dream


Release Year: 1978/Reissued 2004
Label: Olivia Records/The Dream Machine/Reissued Wolf Moon Records
Format: CD

It's as if you were there. And maybe you were!
A celebration of life in twelve parts with raw live performances by Cris with Jackie Robbins and June Millington.

Track List

1. Dream Sequence/If I Live (3:46)
2. Sham (3:42)
3. Azulao (2:42)
4. Lullabye (2:35)
5. In the Best Interest (2:12)
6. I Would Fly (3:29)
7. Bandit Queen (2:53)
8. Frontier (3:03)
9. Soaring (4:09)
10. Born to Win/You Can Get It (4:25)

Album Credits

Engineered by Jackie Robbins
Original cover painting by Liz Worley

Special thanks: B.S. Bull, Karlene Faith, Beep, Bess, Mary, Donna, Mary, Lynn, the Duchess, and a cast of thousands.

©2004 Wolf Mon Records/Wolf Moon Inc




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