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Year: 1991/Reissue 2013
Label: Olivia Records/Reissue Wolf Moon Records

This live recording of the 15th Anniversary of the Changer and the Changed show, as performed in Berkeley in 1990, brings back the special magic of that remarkable album which influenced so many in the early years. If you've not had the pleasure of seeing Cris live, this recording will get you there!


Track List

01. If It Weren't for the Music (5:37 listen
02. Circle of Friends (3:54) listen
03. On Going (4:53) listen
04. Is It Really Love At All (4:35) listen
05. Suitcase Full of Sorrow (3:38) listen
06. Sisters of Mercy (2:40) listen
07. Mill Worker (3:34) listen
08. Olivia (2:59) listen
09. Hey Good Lookin' (2:01) listen
10. Waterfall (4:35) listen
11. Hurts Like the Devil (3:06) listen
12. Wild Things (4:08) listen
13. Sweet Woman (4:34) listen
14. Shooting Star (2:18) listen
15. Dream Child (4:19) listen
16. Sister (4:05) listen
17. Song of the Soul (4:15) listen

Album Credits

Vocals/piano/guitar – Cris Williamson

Recorded live at Zellerbach Auditorium, Berkeley CA by Black Boxes Inc.
Mixed at Soma Sync Studio by Tom Size and Teresa Trull

Art Direction by Laura Parker
Package Redesign by Flying Eye Design
Redesign and Product Direction by Judy Werle • Suite 5 Artists



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