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Year: 1978/Reissued 2004
Label: Ampex Records/Reissued Wolf Moon Records

Cris's first studio album – out of print for years. Stirring in its diversity and experimentation, from classically lush string arrangements to brightly rocking melodies. Definitely a collectors item.

Track List

01. Waiting (2:55)
02. Last Sweet Hour (3:50)
03. Joanna (4:22)
04. Shine On Straight Arrow (2:53)
05. Rebecca (4:26)
06. Make Me Not a Stranger (2:19)
07. James (3:22)
08. Frontier (3:03)
09. One Thousand Cranes (3:38)
10. Number One (5:56)

Album Credits

Produced by Alfred V. Brown
Production Manager: Peter Olwyler
Engineered by Ed Kramer
Recorded at Electric Lady Studio, New York NY
Additional Recording at Wally Heider Studios, San Francisco CA
Engineered by Jimmy Gaines

Photography by Peter Olwyler
Art Direction and Design by Neil Shakery



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