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Year: 1975/Reissued 2004
Label: Olivia Records/Reissued Wolf Moon Records

Definitely, THE classic women's music album. One of top selling independent albums when it was released in 1975, it maintained that distinction until the early 90's -- a most amazing record. These songs are the timeless standards, speaking to women as deeply today as they did when they were first heard.  

Track List

01. Waterfall (5:20) listen
02. Hurts Like The Devil (2:58) listen
03. Wild Things (4:27) listen
04. Sweet Woman (3:52) listen
05. Song of the Soul (4:28) listen
06. Shooting Star (2:39) listen
07. Dream Child (4:23) listen
08. One of the Light (4:59) listen
09. Having Been Touched (Tender Lady) (4:48) listen
10. Sister (4:49) listen

Album Credits

Produced by Cris Williamson
Co-produced by (The Ears): Margie Adam, Meg Christian, E.Marcy Dicterow
Engineered by Joan Lowe
Assistant Engineer: Judy Dlugacz
Re-Mix: Cris Williamson, Margie Adam, Meg Christian, E.Marcy Dicterow, Joan Lowe, Judy Dlugacz
All string parts written/arranged by E.Marcy Dicterow. All other parts written/arranged by Cris Williamson and the musician playing the part.

Cover Photographs by Cynthia MacAdams
Graphic Design by Kate Winter
Taking care of business: Ginny Berson, Jennifer Woodul

This is dedicated to my dad, and also to the filly Ruffian. The race they ran was beautiful.



Never give up. So much to be said for peacefully standing the ground. Standing Rock does it for all of us. Stay tuned.

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