Meg CrisMeg & Cris   


Year: 1982
Label:Olivia Records

On November 26, 1982, Meg Christian and Cris Williamson, fast friends and musical cohorts, decided to perform at Carnegie Hall, backed by a band of sisters. History was made that night in that legendary hall filling up and spilling over with an audience – mostly women – from all over the world. Recorded live,
this concert holds true, its beauty secure for all time.

Track List

01. Anniversary (4:45)
02. Beautiful Soul (4:37)
03. Can't Turn Back (4:13)
04. Look Within (6:06
05. The Ones Who Aren't Here (4:40)
06. Glad to Be a Woman (5:00)
07. So Good, So Right (4:04)
08. Soaring (5:46)
09. Doin' Time (3:45)
10. Texas Ruby Red (3:43)
11. Come Hell or High Water (3:42)
12. Medley (10:30)
13. If I Could Only Win Your Love (3:13)
14. Song of the Soul (5:15)
15. Ain't No Mountain High Enough (3:27)

Album Credits

Produced by Betty Rowland
Associate Production by Tret Fure
Engineered by Howie Lindeman
Mix Engineering by Tret Fure
Cover design by Carol Ehrlich
Live Recording by Record Plant, NYC
Mixed at EFX, Burbank, CA
Photography by Irene Young and Sardi Klein



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