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Year: 2001
Label: Wolf Moon Records

Following the loss of a 20-year relationship, this album tracks a powerful passage - the proverbial Phoenix rising - through grief into the places of healing and light. Brilliantly produced by Teresa Trull, these are songs of witnessed loss, but also of great triumph and joy.

Track List

01. Driving Wheel (3:30) 
02. Dust of Egypt (3:16)
03. Cry, Cry, Cry (4:43)
04. Lucky Dog (3:43)
05. House of Bones (3:50)
06. Ashes (4:24)
07. Blue Weekend (3:52)

08. Two Doors (3:46)
09. The Miracle Worker (3:23)                
10. 52 Names for Snow (2:50)
11. Little Room (4:04)
12. The Crazies (5:03)

Album Credits

Produced by Teresa Trull
Engineered by Tom Size
Mastered at Ken Lee Mastering

Cover design: Studio Pacific
Back cover photo: Irene Young
Art Direction: Judy Werle/Suite 5 Artists
Cris/Bonnie photo: Patrick Downs
Other photos: Tom Size


Never give up. So much to be said for peacefully standing the ground. Standing Rock does it for all of us. Stay tuned.

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