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Year: 2005
Label: Wolf Moon Records

In Real Deal, Cris travels easily through the various landscapes of roots and reggae, folk and mountain music, as well as powerful rock and prayerful ballads. Produced by longtime associate Teresa Trull, this cd features some of music's finest players from a variety of musical genres, who surround and support this amazing voice on a beautiful journey.

Track List

01. Songbird (2:56)
02. Mercy (5:15)
03. Waters of Spokane (4:19)
04. My House Tonight (2:45)
05. Rumi's Song (2:52)
06. True Story True Blue (4:20)
07. Little Traveler (4:14)
08. Footprints (4:25)
09. Hecho En Mexico (4:28)
10. Red Red Room (3:10)
11. Real Deal (3:58)

Album Credits

Produced by Teresa Trull
Engineered, Mixed and Mastered
  by Tom Size at Tomland Studio, Pacheco CA

Cover design by Studio Pacific
Art Direction by Judy Werle • Suite 5 Artists
Front/Back cover photos by Irene Young



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