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Year: 2013
Label: Wolf Moon Records   
2 CD set

"Pray, Tell" is an antique phrase, basically meaning,“do tell!”  The word “pray” embodies a kind of humble entreaty, encouraging communication. In that respect, I put the metaphorical bucket down in the metaphorical Well, pulled it up, and these pieces. It is my hope that these songs will offer a space where the sacred can appear, where we may all be of One Mind, One Heart. I believe there is a deep mutual kinship, a consonance living in all the various forms of spirituality. This is what I pray. This is what I tell.  - Cris

Track List   Lyrics

01. Sanctuary (4:06) listen  
02. Jai Yen-Yen (4:43) listen
03. Between (4:58) listen
04. Miracle (5:07) listen
05. Sleeping Tigers (3:03) listen
06. A Way To Go (6:03) listen
07. Light and the Eye (3:55) listen
08. Hope-Feathered (2:50) listen
09. Grateful (4:15) listen
10. Shine (4:15) listen
11. Hand On You (5:03) listen
12. Carry The One (4:13) listen

01. On and On (4:56) listen
02. The Singing Bird (3:28) listen
03. Invocation (4:04) listen
04. The Little Boat (5:23) listen
05. Holy Spirit (2:36) listen
06. Sailor (5:53) listen
07. Morning Glory (3:11) listen
08. Lighthouse (4:25) listen
09. Larks (5:07) listen
10. In Dreams, In Sleep (4:20) listen
11. The World Turns Tonight (3:36) listen
12. Dancing Star (5:22) listen

All songs by Cris Williamson
©2013 Cris Williamson/Bird Ankles Music (BMI)

“Morning Glory” words by Cris Williamson, music by J.S. Bach
"Singing Bird" based on a quote by Langston Hughes and a Chinese proverb
"Shine" based on a quote by Teddy Roosevelt
"Holy Spirit" based on a prayer by Hildegard von Bingen

 Album Credits

Cris Williamson: Acoustic guitar, ukulele, strumstick, piano, electric keyboards, lead vocal, background vocals 

Very special thanks to these brilliant players and singers who gave so much to the Soul of this music:
Ben Smith: Drums, percussion
Garey Shelton: Bass, drumtrack
Jen Todd: Background vocal, acoustic guitar
John Morton: Papoose acoustic guitar, electric guitar
Julie Wolf: Piano
Mel Watson: Background vocal
Nancy Rumbel: Ocarina, oboe, English horn, melodica
Nova Karina Devonie: Accordion
Tania Elizabeth: Violin
Vicki Randle: Percussion, background vocal
The Larks: Western and Eastern meadowlarks, horned lark

Produced by: Cris Williamson
Recorded/mixed and mastered by: Garey Shelton/Garey Shelton Productions

Executively produced by Judy Werle/Suite 5 Artists
Graphic Design: Flying Eye Design
Photography: Irene Jones Photography

Extra Special Thanks:
Ann Dey
Ann Southcombe
Carole Hall
Bren Murray
Brenda Nelson
Linda Betzer
Timothy Latimer
Neale Donald Walsch & Em Claire
Sue Standley
Sue Talbot & Liebe Gray

© 2013 Wolf Moon Records/Wolf Moon Inc


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