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Cris Williamson

Year: 1990
Label: Olivia Records

This 1990 collection was put together as part of an Olivia Records multi-disc tribute to the women who were so central to the movement called "women's music" -  music that speaks from the perspective of strong, independent women to women about women's experience.


Track List

01. Waterfall (5:20) listen
02. Sweet Woman (3:52) listen
03. Sister (4:49) listen
04. Hurts Like the Devil (2:58) listen
05. Waiting (2:55) listen
06. Joanna (4:22) listen
07. Strange Paradise (4:34) listen
08. Live Wire (4:40) listen
09. Native Dancer (4:27) listen
10. Surrender Dorothy (4:14) listen
11. Like an Island Rising (3:33) listen
12. Soaring (4:14) listen
13. Grandmother's Land (5:02) listen
14. Suitcase Full of Sorrow (3:37) listen
15. Wolf Moon (4:05) listen
16. Mother, Mother (3:52) listen
17. Lullabye (2:37) listen

Album Credits

See: The Changer and the Changed, Strange Paradise, the Carnegie Hall album, Blue Rider, Prairie Fire, Snow Angel, Wolf Moon, and Country Blessed. Revisit and remember.


Never give up. So much to be said for peacefully standing the ground. Standing Rock does it for all of us. Stay tuned.

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