Year: 2001
Label: Wolf Moon Records

Following the loss of a 20-year relationship, this album tracks a powerful passage - the proverbial Phoenix rising - through grief into the places of healing and light. These are songs of witnessed loss, but also of great triumph and joy. Brilliantly produced by Teresa Trull, with a lovely cameo from Bonnie Raitt on Cry Cry Cry.

Track List

1. Driving Wheel (3:30) 
2. Dust of Egypt (3:16)
3. Cry, Cry, Cry (4:43)
4. Lucky Dog (3:43)
5. House of Bones (3:50)
6. Ashes (4:24)
7. Blue Weekend (3:52)
8. Two Doors (3:46)
9. The Miracle Worker (3:23) 
10. 52 Names for Snow (2:50)
11. Little Room (4:04)
12. The Crazies (5:03)


Album Credits

Produced by Teresa Trull
Engineered by Tom Size
Mastered at Ken Lee Mastering

Cover design: Studio Pacific
Back cover photo: Irene Young
Art Direction: Judy Werle/Suite 5 Artists
Cris/Bonnie photo: Patrick Downs
Other photos: Tom Size


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