Wolf Moon

Wolf Moon


Release Year: 1987
Label: Olivia Records
Format: CD


Songs for the women who went before -- "The Run of the Wolf " for Kate Wolf, "Black Fin" for Virginia Woolf (and all the others who gauge how far out madness still is), "Goodnight, Marjorie Morningstar" for Natalie Wood.  Cris's voice, like a wolf, runs through it all.

Track List

1. Teen Queen
2. Run Of The Wolf
3. Black Fin
4. Wolf Moon
5. Goodnight, Marjorie Morningstar
6. Wolves of Paris
7. Pieces Of Pangaea
8. Home Free
9. Come Go With Me
10. Stiletto

Album Credits

Produced by Cris Williamson and Tret Fure
Engineered by Tret Fure
Additional Engineering by Chris Hufford

Recorded at Tempo Recording, Los Angeles CA
Mixed at Sage and Sound, Los Angeles CA
Mastered at K-Disc, Los Angeles CA

Art Direction by Laura Parker Design
Photography by Laine Enkelis

©2004 Wolf Moon Records/Wolf Moon Inc 


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