Year: 2010
Label: Wolf Moon Records
Format: CD

"GiftHorse, a follow-up and companion piece to my 2008 release, Fringe, continues the theme of returning home – in body, spirit and memory. For me, there was still much to explore. The places we have left, by moving or maturing, abide in us still in our memories, in our words and in our music. Through the portals of GiftHorse, I take you with me to my beloved West, to Wyoming and Montana and the Dakotas, with old songs, still true to form, and new originals, paying tribute to the Prairies and the people I hold so dear. I intended to impart a solid sense of place in this music, minimalist in design, and maximum in impact, so very much like the prairies themselves." - Cris

Track List

1. The Range Of The Buffalo (3:12)
2. Black-Eyed Susan (6:06)
3. Long Rider (5:44)
4. Wounded Knee (4:53)
5. That Ten Dollars (6:07)
6. Gift Horse (5:20)
7. Little Joe the Wrangler (2:50)
8. Belle Starr (4:47)
9. The Moon Was Blue (4:22)
10. Work's All Done (4:31)
11. Old Chisholm Trail (3:27)
12. Curtains of Night (5:01)

All songs by Cris Williamson (except The Range of the Buffalo/Little Joe the Wrangler/Work's All Done/Old Chisholm Trail/Curtains of Night) 
©2010 Cris Williamson/Bird Ankles Music (BMI)

Album Credits

Produced by Cris Williamson
Recorded/mixed and mastered by Garey Shelton/Garey Shelton Productions
Executively produced by: Judy Werle/Suite 5 Artists
Graphic Design by: Amineh/Fastrax

© 2010 Wolf Moon Records/Wolf Moon Inc



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