Strange Paradise

Strange Paradise


Release Year: 1978/Reissued 2004
Label: Olivia/Reissued Wolf Moon Records
Format: CD

Much to the delight of her many fans, the long out-of-print follow-up to Changer and the Changed was finally available on CD from Wolf Moon Records, Cris' own label. If you don't know her work by now, this is a good place to start appreciating the many facets of her deep musical and poetic sensibilities. In addition to the haunting title track, it contains classically beautiful ballads such as Native Dancer as well as rock-and-roll power tunes like When Anger Takes the Wheel - which features Bonnie Raitt on slide guitar - speaking always of Nature and Spirit and Mystery.

Track List

1. Strange Paradise (4:34)
2. Live Wire (4:40)
3. Marcy (4:06)
4. Twisted Love (3:59)
5. Live Dream (4:29)
6. Rock-and-Roll Child (3:12)
7. When Anger Takes the Wheel (5:37)
8. On, Judah! (4:32)
9. Ship of Fools (4:05)
10. Native Dancer (4:27)


Album Credits

Produced by June Millington
Engineered by Leslie Ann Jones
Recorded at The Automatt, San Francisco CA
Additional recording at Jennifudy Recording, Los Angeles CA

Graphic Design by Kate Winter 
Graphic Design (Reissue) by Studio Pacific, Seattle WA
Front Cover Photo Jackie Robbins
Art Direction (Reissue) by Judy Werle • Suite 5 Artists

Thanks to Judy Werle and Joe Hadlock for special effects on "Ship of Fools." Most special thanks to Wayne Lewis, second engineer to L.A. "Fingers" Jones. - Extra thanks to Karlene, Negra, Jan, the Women of Olivia (Ginny Berson, Liz Brown, Meg Christian, Judy Dlugacz, Sandy Ramsey, Teresa Trull, Kate Winter, Jennifer Woodul), and to all the good souls who understand...and to Mel Brooks, for the gift of laughter.

Bonnie Raitt appears courtesy of Warner Bros. Records, Inc.

© 2004 Wolf Moon Records/Wolf Moon Inc



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