Release Year: 1978/Reissued 2002
Label: Pacific Cascade/Reissued Wolf Moon Records
Formar: CD

Winner of the prestigious Parents Choice Award, this timeless science-fantasy fable features story, music and narration by Cris Williamson. an enchanting and original tale and the perfect gift for the child in us all.

Track List

1. Lumiere (instrumental) (2:12)
2. Foreign Glory (3:28)
3. Live for the Day (3:40)
4. See It Anymore (3:41)
5. Make Me Laugh (2:41)
6. X-Ray Ted (3:43)
7. Midnight Oil (3:19)
8. Lumiere (reprise)

Album Credits

Produced by June Millington and Cris Williamson
Assited by Jackie Robbins
Engineered by Tret Fure
Recorded and mixed at The Music Lab, Los Angeles CA
Certain original sound effects recorded live at Pacific Cascade Records.
Production Coordinator/Product Administrator: Joan Lowe

Original Design and illustration by Viido Polikarpus
Redesign Coordinator/Product Administrator: Judy Werle • Suite 5 Artists

While on Pacific Cascade Records, Lumiere was awarded the Parent's Choice Award.

©2002 Wolf Moon Records/Wolf Moon Inc



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