Blue Rider

Blue Rider


Release Year: 1982/Reissued 2004
Label: Olivia Records/Reissued Wolf Moon Records
Format: CD

This 1982 classic album is an all-time favorite. From the title track, (named after Kandinsky's art movement), to the ode to Judy Collins (Lodestar), to good friend Bonnie Raitt on slide guitar and vocals, this is vintage Cris. 

Track List

1. Blue Rider (4:10)
2. Lucille (3:30)
3. What Good Does It Do Me Now (3:24)
4. Leviathan (3:59)
5. Peter Pan (3:50)
6. Heart-to-Heart (3:24)
7. Like an Island Rising (3:33)
8. Night Patrol (4:26)
9. Lodestar (4:06)
10. Surrender Dorothy (4:14)


Produced by Cris Williamson and Tret Fure
Engineered and mixed by Tret Fure
Assistant Engineer: Norman Perbil

Recorded at Crystal Sound, Hollywood CA
Strings and classical guitar recorded by
Leslie Ann Jones at the Automatt, San Francisco, CA
Mixed at EFX Studio, Burbank CA

Original cover design by Carol Ehlrich
Front and Back cover photos by Irene Young
Package redesign by Studio Pacific
Art direction of redesign: Judy Werle • Suite 5 Artists

©2004 Wolf Moon Records/Wolf Moon Inc


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