Between the Covers

Between the Covers



Release Year: 1993
Label: Wolf Moon Records
Format: CD

"Critic's Choice" in Billboard magazine, this cd has also elicited comments such as "their best album to date" and "poetic artistry and musical skills unmatched." (Bay Area Reporter) Perhaps the most eloquent praise comes from Janis Ian, "...transparently elegant, album I would have liked to have written."

Track List

1. Please Say (4:09)
2. Honeymoon (3:43)
3. Between the Covers (4:30)
4. To See the Light (1:35)
5. Positive Solution (3:53)
6. Say Goodnight (4:29)
7. Lucinda's Stone (2:31)
8. Paper Thin (3:27)
9. New Year's (3:55)
10. Invocation (3:24)
11. Electricity (4:05)
12. Night Birds of Paradise (3:02)
13. Oh Mary, Mary (4:09)
14. Brand New Lullaby (2:23)


Produced by Cris Williamson, Tret Fure and June Millington

Engineered by Tret Fure and Alan Kraus

Engineering assistance by June Millington

Recorded at Wolf Moon Studios, Marcola OR and IMA, Bodega CA

Mastered by Lisa Jaime
Photography by Irene Young
Direction and Design by JPD Communications

©1993 Wolf Moon Records/Wolf Moon Inc


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