Snow Angel

Snow Angel


Release Year: 1985
Label: Olivia Records
Format: CD

Perfect music to brighten a dark, mid-winter's night, Snow Angel has accompanied many through their Holidays, trimming the tree, or driving through the snow to a family gathering. This CD is sure to warm the heart of anyone of your Holiday list, no matter what Holiday you celebrate.

Track List

1. Greetings of the Season (2:49)
2. Snow Angel (4:00)
3. Peace on Earth (3:15)
4. Star Silver-Christmas Medley (4:26)
5. Shower the People (3:40)
6. Hard Candy Christmas (3:55)
7. Wish-Book (3:14)
8. Moonlight Ranch (3:02)
9. Il est ne le Divin Enfant (1:16)
10. Lullabye (2:27)
11. The Christmas Song (3:06)

Album Credits

Produced by Cris Williamson and Tret Fure

Photography by Irene Young
Art Direction and Design by JPD Communications
Cover Art by Carol Ehlrich and Elizabeth Weil

©2004 Wolf Moon Records/Wolf Moon Inc



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