Prairie Fire

Prairie Fire


Release Year: 1984/Reissued 2004
Label: Olivia Records/Reissued Wolf Moon Records
Format: CD

This album is redolent with place; the mountains and prairies Cris Williamson called home provide inspiration for these songs and invoke horizon and heart-connection to both the past and the future. The 1985 release is packed full of original music by Cris and guest artists including Barbara Higbie and Bonnie Raitt.

Track List

1. Prairie Fire (4:10)
2. Man-camp (2:42)
3. Don't Lose Heart (3:58)
4. Renegade (3:37)
5. Grandmother's Land (5:02)
6. Tsunami (4:50)
7. Colorado Dustbowl Days (4:10)
8. Wild Rose (3:42)
9. Suitcase Full of Sorrow (3:37)
10. Last Chance Saloon (3:48)

Album Credits

Produced by Cris Williamson and Tret Fure
Engineered by Tret Fure
Assisted by Sean Boyd
Recorded at FOR Studios, Burbank CA

Photography by Irene Young
Art Direction by Carol Ehlrich

Redesign: Studio Pacific
Project coordination/Art Direction: Judy Werle • Suite 5 Artists

©2004 Wolf Moon Records/Wolf Moon Inc


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