In the Bleak Midwinter

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"In the bleak midwinter
Frosty wind made moan
Earth stood hard as iron
Water like a stone..."
---Christina Rossetti

Here we are, in the bleak midwinter...bleak on so many fronts...poverty raging deeply throughout the world, starvation on the one hand, too much of everything on the other, a war bleeding out lives day after day, wilderness threatened in the name of Big Oil, Pakistan in ruins, polar bears drowning... It's so hard to see the Light, so difficult to find the reasons for so much suffering. So often, the news is dark, but every now and then, humans rise up and show their Heart and show us how, helping people and creatures to somehow survive these times so hard. And here come the Holy Days of Winter, reminding us once again of the possiblilies for Peace. The Higher Road is always's always our choice to take it or not. So let me say on this day, Happy Holidays to one and all!

I just finished a 5-show run of the 2nd Annual Holiday Show with my wondrous pals, Teresa Trull and Barbara Higbie. We had the best time, raising Spririts and gathering food supplies for local food banks in each city. That part just wrapped the musical evening in the brightest of ribbons each and every night, and helped us all feel we were part of something brighter and kinder and loving.

Judy and I are heading to AZ for Christmas with my family. Mother is feeling stronger all the while and deeply longing to play golf with her friends. That, we hope , will happen soon for her. We'll help her make Surprise cookies and share the time with my brother, my sister and her partner, Sue, my aunt, some 4-footed friends, and the birds at Mother's feeder! Thanks to all of you for your concern and well-wishes for Mom, and for those of you who have lost someone this year, this month, I send all Heart.

We are busy getting out cds for those of you who have ordered them, including the 30th Anniversary Special Edition of The Changer and the Changed. The next concert celebrating the Changer will be Jan.28th at Herbst Theatre in San Francisco and it promises to be an Event! I've invited special guests as well as my cadre of players: Vicki Randle, Barbara Higbie, Julie Wolf, and Jami Seiber. Please join us as we celebrate the little album that could. If you cannot make this show, check out my website for future gigs in a city near you. I've begun to see these upcoming shows as as Anniversary we all share, a coming Home, a hopeful reminder during these times, of strength in a Family of Friends.

Happy Winter Solstice (especially to those of you in Barrow, Alaska!), Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, and Kwaanza all 'round! Here's to longer daylight and a hopeful New Year. Bless all creatures great and small and thanks for ever being there.


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