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As the New Year turned, I was fortunate enough to begin this next life-voyage on a beautiful sailing ship in the Caribbean. This was the 5th in a series of Olivia's 40th Anniversary trips, beginning last year and into this year with 3 cruises and 2 resorts.

I was so honored to be a part of it. I've always been honored to play a part in this Olivia adventure, beginning with the birth of a women's record company. The talent and strength and friendships that filled these trips were totally indicative of the thing itself and how women can be and, in fact, are.

I lead a musician's life – which I love! But truly in this way, on these Olivia trips, I've been able to travel, and see some of this amazing world upon which we live. I applaud all the work that goes into making these trips safe and joyous for women.

My contemporaries and I have been called trailblazers. Sometimes, that road is rugged, and sometimes that road is tiring. It's been a beautiful thing to receive such deep acknowledgement on these Olivia trips, and I thank all of the Olivia Company and staff for that. Every now and then, some young women will come up to me and ask if I've ever heard of Olivia. "Oh, I sure have!" I'll say proudly. Years ago, we made an album together, called The Changer and the Changed. At the end of this year, we'll all be celebrating together the 40th Anniversary of that little album that could.

May we always honor those who came before. May we always be honored by those who come after.


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