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The Marches are happening, every day… thousands of people are gathering of their own accord to be together in joyful disobedience. It feels so good! Mostly, there is no violence there, just the most powerful exhibit of “NO!” that I’ve seen and been a part of for a overlong time. Years ago, we got together in love-ins, and as we gathered and the music thrummed and our minds were expanded, so, too, our hearts as we knew all of us that Love is all we need. If we constantly love each other, love the stranger, love even those who profess to be our enemies, something will shift, something will turn. But we have to keep at it and not, as they hope we will, grow weary of these marches and protestations. In Denver, I marched among 100,000 people, and the joy was palpable! People were singing and laughing and striking up little bands here and there, and banging the drum. There were constant reminders about the stand for the water, the stand for women’s equality and for the rights to our very bodies. We all were standing and moving as one for life, itself, and for the ancient struggle of love against hate. Hate is easy. Love is a more nuanced thing, calling as it does upon higher consciousness and compassion. We are part of each other, part of something powerful that floods us with absolute power and joy, and helps us be unafraid. Let Justice prevail. Let us take care of each other, take care of The Mother. We shall abide.

Photo: The Denver Post


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