...to my online home.

For me, Home is a place, and also a feeling - a deep and rich one which I've sought time and again in my music and lyrics.

So, please come on in and make yourself at home. I'm so glad you are here. I'll do my best to keep you up-to-date with the happenings in my life and share with you those things that continue to interest me.

Maybe I'll see you here, or out there on the road, but I do hope I see you. And do stay in touch, if you're so inclined. We are, after all, in this together.

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New Release

24 songs – 2 years in the making. These are Songs of the Soul. Songs that carry my Faith in Spirit.

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Lyrics first/then music.
This is how I write.
I love words.
Here are some.

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Songwriting workshops in
Big Sur – on the Pacific - no experience required – deep rewards guaranteed.

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From Cris --- New Year 2014 --- I wrote about the Chinese New Year many years ago in a song called "Ship of Fools," and likened our communal journey then to rowing through the ocean, yet staying right on course, unknowable as it may be. I still feel the same, intent on making my way, day after day, doing what I can, doing what I may. It is my hope that 2014 will bring us all a strengthened sense of well-being us as we enter The Year of the Horse.

I look forward to the songwriting workshops ahead, dearly loving the transformational process involved. You are so invited! Miracles happen every time.

And I must say, I am so happy that, as I had hoped, Pray, Tell, my new CD, is doing its work in the world, providing musical comfort and solace. When these reports come in, revealing the healing, I am thrilled. I believe this is what I'm here to do. I'm about to head back out to take this show on the road so you can hear it in person. It'll be a mix of old faves and new songs from the new CD, and so far, folks are enjoying receiving it as much as I love giving it.


So says the Media ...

Going Her Own Way by Steve Desroches  Taking a stand, particularly for oneself, can be a hard thing to do. Moments of true independence can be difficult to maintain. Of course no one exists in a vacuum and community is important, even vital, particularly in the arts. Independence outside of corporate control and money when it comes to a life in music is always a challenge to maintain for one song or an album, never mind a career. More...



I could be heading your way soon, with my solo show, the Love Song Show, or the can-you-believe-it Changer 40th Anniversary Show!

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Sending and sharing a constant flow of things noticed, high water marks, and low water struggles, all gleaned from these fields of life.

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East, West, and in-between, we present these oft life-changing workshops, teaching techniques to songwriters and novices alike.

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