The  (original)  Changer

The (original) Changer


Year: 1975/Reissued 2004
Label: Olivia Records/Reissued Wolf Moon Records
Format: CD

The Changer and the Changed --- definitely, THE classic women's music album. One of top selling independent albums when it was released in 1975, it maintained that distinction until the early 90's -- a most amazing record. These songs are the timeless standards, speaking to women as deeply today as they did when they were first heard.


Track List

1. Waterfall (5:20)
2. Hurts Like The Devil (2:58)
3. Wild Things (4:27)
4. Sweet Woman (3:52)
5. Song of the Soul (4:28)
6. Shooting Star (2:39)
7. Dream Child (4:23)
8. One of the Light (4:59)
9. Having Been Touched (Tender Lady) (4:48)
10. Sister (4:49)

All songs by Cris Williamson*
* except Having Been Touched (Tender Lady) by Margie Adam/Labyris Music Co. (ASCAP)
©1974 Cris Williamson/Bird Ankles Music (BMI)


Produced by: Cris Williamson
Co-produced by: (The Ears): Margie Adam, Meg Christian, E.Marcy Dicterow
Engineer: Joan Lowe
Asst. Engineer: Judy Dlugacz
Re-Mix: Cris Williamson, Margie Adam, Meg Christian, E.Marcy Dicterow, Joan Lowe, Judy Dlugacz
All string parts written/arranged by E.Marcy Dicterow. All other parts written/arranged by Cris Williamson and the musician playing the part.

Cover Photographs: Cynthia MacAdams
Graphic Design: Kate Winter

This is dedicated to my dad, and also to the filly Ruffian. The race they ran was beautiful.

©2005 Wolf Moon Records/Wolf Moon Inc


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