Pray Tell

Pray Tell


Year: 2013
Label: Wolf Moon Records
Format: 2 CD Set 

"Pray Tell" is an antique phrase, basically meaning,"do tell." The word "pray" embodies a kind of humble entreaty, encouraging communication. In that respect, I put the metaphorical bucket down in the metaphorical Well, pulled it up, and these pieces - most of them new - were in there. What began as a 12-song cd turned into a double cd of 24 songs. It is my hope that these songs will offer a space where the sacred can appear, where we may all be of One Mind, One Heart. I believe there is a deep mutual kinship, a consonance living in all the various forms of spirituality. This is what I pray. This is what I tell." - Cris 

Track List


1. Sanctuary (4:06)
2. Jai Yen-Yen (4:43)
3. Between (4:58)
4. Miracle (5:07) 
5. Sleeping Tigers (3:03)
6. A Way To Go (6:03) 
7. Light and the Eye (3:55) 
8. Hope-Feathered (2:50) 
9. Grateful (4:15)
10. Shine (4:15)
11. Hand On You (5:03)
12. Carry The One (4:13)


1. On and On (4:56)
2. The Singing Bird (3:28)
3. Invocation (4:04)
4. The Little Boat (5:23)
5. Holy Spirit (2:36)
6. Sailor (5:53)
7. Morning Glory (3:11)
8. Lighthouse (4:25)
9. Larks (5:07)
10. In Dreams, In Sleep (4:20)
11. The World Turns Tonight (3:36)
12. Dancing Star (5:22)

All songs by Cris Williamson 
©2013 Cris Williamson/Bird Ankles Music (BMI)


Album Credits

Acoustic guitar, ukulele, strumstick, piano, electric keyboards, lead and background vocals by Cris Williamson  

With very special thanks to these brilliant players and singers who gave so much to the Soul of this music:  
Ben Smith: Drums, percussion
Garey Shelton: Bass, drumtrack
Jen Todd: Background vocal, acoustic guitar
John Morton: Papoose acoustic guitar, electric guitar
Julie Wolf: Piano
Mel Watson: Background vocal
Nancy Rumbel: Ocarina, oboe, English horn, melodica
Nova Karina Devonie: Accordion
Tania Elizabeth: Violin
Vicki Randle: Percussion, background vocal
The Larks: Western and Eastern meadowlarks, horned lark

"Morning Glory" words Cris Williamson, music J.S. Bach
"Singing Bird" based on a quote by Langston Hughes and a Chinese proverb
"Shine" based on a quote by Teddy Roosevelt
"Holy Spirit" based on a prayer by Hildegard von Bingen

Produced by Cris Williamson
Recorded/mixed and mastered by Garey Shelton Productions
Executively produced by Judy Werle/Suite 5 Artists
Design: Flying Eye Design
Photography: Irene Jones Photography

© 2013 Wolf Moon Records/Wolf Moon Inc


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