It’s the middle of April and I’ve kicked off my fundraising for my new cd. I seem to be returning to home in a way.  When I first started out, before I’d written any songs of my own, I sang the songs of other people, songs that sang to me in some important way, songs I made my own by climbing into them, embodying them, and letting them help me express something within me that was yet to be delineated by myself, for myself, and ultimately, for you.  


These songs on this new cd will be about women in some way…by women, for women, about women and girls. I have led off by choosing and recording John Lennon’s “Woman”, a song I’ve loved forever. I pulled in my beautiful friends for this recording, Vicki Randle, Shelley Doty and Barbara Higbie — and it’s produced by the wondrous Julie Wolf. It’s getting rave reviews and I think you'll like it.

This song. "Woman" will be part of the perks I am offering. For now, this is the only way it is available, as a special incentive for my supporters, a limited edition autographed disc. It comes in a matching red envelope, ready to send to a woman (or other) of your choosing, or keep for your own enjoyment. 
heroshirt425There are several levels of support with accompanying perks, all of which include this song offering as well an an assortment of other goodies. One such offering is our HERO WAS A WOMAN shirt. It refers to a new song called Hero Was A Woman, a song that will be be included in my supporters version this new work. Also, Hero Was A Woman looks to be the title for a larger venture for us as well, one honoring the Heroes among us. Your support will make all of this possible.
So, if you would, if you can. please do partake. I thank you all in advance for helping me produce this next project and for helping me to get it out into the world.



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